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Natsamon Thai Massage 4289 LTD

Combination Massage

Very Popular & Very highly recommend


Deep Tissue Massage & Hot Stones Massage.

(Therapeutics Massage)

This combination treatments is good for who have a problems with muscles tight and stiff. This is a perfect combine Deep Tissue Massage with Hot stones Therapy Massage. The Stones are from the earth. Called Basalt or Heated Stones. Dense volcanic stones, formed from hot lava. Stones therapy is Healing Stones uses deep penetrating massage techniques and energy work.


The Benefits of deep tissue massage & Hot stones massage.

The treatment is 10 times deeper and the results are said to last 10 times longer. Stimulates micro-circulation and cell function, promoting the rate of tissue repairs. Perfect help the muscles softens and relaxes the muscles stiff tight with not to much painful during Massage and after Massage treatment.


1.5 Hrs/£150 - £130       2 Hrs/ £180 - £160 






Thai Sport Massage & Hot Stones Massage.

(Therapeutics Massage)

The Benefits of Thai Sports Massage combination with Hot stones Masssage. After the muscles working hard for your exercises or your workout. Even you do or you did stretched your muscles. And your muscles still feetight tight. Try this treatment


In my knowledge and my my experiences I used Combine Thai sports massage techniques with Hot Stones Massage to healing muscle injuries. I believe that one stroke with a stone is equal to ten with the hand - the treatment is 10 times deeper for 10 times less effort and last 10 time longer then traditional techniques.


The body to promote healing and create balance and harmony. No Damage the muscles injury. This treatments is Healing and relaxing muscle right from Sports.


1.5 Hrs/£150 - £130       2 Hrs/ £180 - £160






Aromatherapy Oils Massage & Hot Stones Massage.

(Relaxation  &  Healing Massage)

: Aromatherapy Oil Massage is a massage therapy. Using a smell to help. For the purpose of balance of body, mind and emotions. The massage is a light massage to relax. And applied to the aroma contained in aromatic substances or essential oils. The properties of each essential oil can help treat the disease. The drug is absorbed through the skin by massage.The fragrance of the essential oils will help the castle to feel and adjust to the mood and feel comfortable with light massage to relax. Therefore, the use of good quality essential oils will make massage more effective.  Oil used to moisturize the skin. Slow down the wrinkles of the skin, healing the skin.


Physiological Benefits

(Benefits of Heated Stones)

Vasodilation :

widening of blood vessels, increased blood flow - leading to flushing out toxin and cleansing internal organs.

Increase circulation :

Bringing oxygenated blood and nutrients to the cell.

Increase Metabolism :

Processes food and burns energy faster.

Increase Pulse rate :

Helping the heart to pump more efficiently.

Increase Lymph function  :

Speeds up and improves the process.

Relaxes the muscles :

Allows deeper work with less discomfort.

Reduces muscles spasticity :

Increase flexibility and reduces muscle tension.


Psychological  Benefits

(Benefits of Heated Stones)

Energies of the stones promote a meditative and sedative effect, creating a state of quietude and calm.

Overall relaxation leading to feelings of calmness or invigoration and creates a feeling of well-being.

Feeling of nurturing by the heat and weight of the stones.

Relaxed, comforted, soothed and grounds.

Feeling more emotionally balanced.


1 Hr/£130 - £100       1.5 Hrs/£150 - £130       2 Hrs/£180 - £150